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About Us


Tri-M provides theological training for Pastors and Christian workers who minister in the majority world.  Tri-M began in the midst of unprecedented changes in Eastern and Central Europe as they emerged from Communist control. A survey conducted in January 1990, affirmed that the greatest need identified by church leaders in these countries was for systematic, structured Bible teaching. In response to this need, Tri-M was established, employing a three-fold approach designed to help prepare Biblically trained leadership throughout the majority world.

Since that time, Tri-M Global's ministry has expanded. Training is now being provided in over 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central America to those with limited access to theological education due to economic constraints or political/cultural restrictions.


We are committed to assisting national pastors and other spiritual leaders to be better able to reach their own people by TEACHING, EQUIPPING, and STRENGTHENING them, especially in areas of limited access to traditional missions and wherever there is a critical need for true biblical teaching.


Is to provide Biblical training for church leaders where it may not be readily available, equipping them for ministry and helping to raise up the next generation of Christian workers.


  • The authority and sufficiency of Scripture

  • The priority of the indigenous Church​

  • The priority of national leadership​

  • The priority of on-site training


Tri-M training goes where the student ministers. The Tri-M teachers and auxiliary teachers (pastors and college/seminary professors) travel to where the students live, allowing them to continue in their ministry while receiving training.


​Tri-M provides Bible college and Bible institute-level courses based upon a curriculum taught in one-week modules. Courses are taught in three tracks: Bible Exposition, Theological/Doctrinal studies & Practical Subjects


Tri-M’s focus is on those who have been called by God into a ministry of the Word. These students are already in positions of spiritual leadership as pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and Bible teachers in some of the most challenging parts of the world. Tri-M training is then multiplied as these students teach those whom they are leading, who in turn, teach others.

Tri-M Doctrinal Statement 

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